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Giving The World What It Needs!

E8H provides you highly customized subscriptions of
local and fresh naturally alkaline spring water.

With unique products and services designed with you in mind, we can ensure you will find a solution that fits you best! Get water delivered to your doorstep today, at the frequency you need it! 

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Elevate 8 Health

We take pride in delivering Earth Intelligent alkaline spring water, and custom experiences for our clients!
For centuries, in the North GA Mountains, Elevate 8 Health's confined aquifer has been producing pristine, naturally alkaline spring water!

Our water comes from a confined aquifer. It’s not the same as “well water”! It comes from deep underground. It travels farther, picking up essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, silica and many more important trace minerals, your body needs to function! There are no additives and no filtration is done to our water. 

Our pump takes our water to our FDA approved facility, and UV lights are used to disinfect our confined aquifer water of any microbial or bacterial properties. Once this process is completed,  our water is bottled and put into the hands of many people and businesses that deserve for their cells to be hydrated, just as nature intended.  Our water never sees the light of day until it reaches your hands! 

Our confined aquifer water pH ranges from 7.5 to 8.2 throughout the year and is bottled at the source. Always fresh, our water sits no longer than a month. Our water has a shelf life for over a year because our water has natural dissolved minerals in the water. Chemically made alkaline water, such as ionized and/or reverse-osmosis water, alkaline electric charge, has a shelf life for up to 9 days! 

Taste and see why our confined aquifer water is the best tasting water on earth and it's naturally alkaline! What are you waiting for?

For more information or our water quality report, please email us at info@elevate8health.com
Need Peripherals For Your 5 Gallons?
  • Are you a governmental agency?
  • Do you own a home? 
  • Do you have many employees in your office?
  • Maybe you just need water to drink on a daily basis! 
We’re here to help, we've got all the tools you need! Select the one the fits your current budget, and we deliver to your home, office, etc!
Never Run Out Of Water Again!
Elevate Health provides local services to communities. One of our flagship services is our 5 gallon water delivery service! 
Why do we render this 5 gallon delivery service to individuals, local businesses and governmental agencies? 
Elevate Health knows that drinking local and fresh alkaline spring water, and having it conveniently delivered to your doorstep does the body good and does the planet a great service! 
By using eco-friendly, reusable 5 gallon bottles, we help the planet by not using materials that lead to materials getting into our ecosystem, and it also saves you money over time! 
It's honestly a no brainer!
What are you waiting for?! 
It's 2020! 
Get local and fresh North GA mountain alkaline spring water delivered to your doorstep today!
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From The Southernmost Peak Of The Appalachian Mountains

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Have any questions or need more information? Reach out to us and we’ll be sure to get you what you’re looking for!
Our Goals

  • Having The Highest Quality Products 
  • Being A Company That You Can Trust
  • Happy Customers

Reach out to us at info@elevate8health.com

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