AstroNut Mylks (32 oz)


All our Mylks are 100% Organic.

We use sprouted Cashews, Almonds & Walnuts, Rolled Oats and Hemp seeds. We sweeten Mylks with Organic Medjool Dates, Pink Himalayan Salt for taste and Alkaline Spring Water(Elevate 8 Health). 

You can order through our website and we’ll deliver ($5 delivery fee) or we can setup pick up from one of our Crunch Fitness locations.

Orders will be processed and delivered within 24 hours.

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Almond, Cashew, Oat, Walnut

Signature Blends +$1

Cacao, Cold Brew Coffee, Lucuma, Vanilla, Charcoal, Matcha, Not At This Time


Sweet, Unsweet

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